Club de minéralogie de Chamonix

Code of honor for crystal-hunters



The crystals research and collection in the Mont Blanc area are defined by the directive from the Environment Ministry dated July 22nd, 1996. This activity is only allowed if you declare it, on the area of the Chamonix township after August 1st, 2008.

The authorization is awarded for a civil year, by the Chamonix town hall, landowner of the research areas, with the signature of the crystal-hunter meaning agreement for the following code of honor.

The code of honor includes the rules of behavior in Nature, Environment and with other people. This is a commitment for crystal-hunters to respect the obligations linked to the research, collection and sale of crystals.

When signing this code, the crystal-hunter or collector, commits himself to ensure the terms of the minerals picking according to the crystal-hunters tradition, taking into account the respect of the mineral patrimony.


1. The one who mines the deposits has to respect the legislation and rules in force. He has to respect the property, nature and landscape.

2. Explosives, machines (perforators) or heavy equipments are forbidden. The use of helicopter for removal or carriage of minerals after finding them is forbidden.

3. Before leaving the places where your searches have been achieved (dug hole, bivouac…), the crystal-hunter has to clean up and refit the place.

4. Every search hole in operation must be clearly identified by the finder with the depositing of tools or placard which resists the weather conditions and which mention the name, the address and the date of the finding. The right of searching by the finder is finished after 3 years, or if the mining is not continued or if the place is abandoned. A crystal-hunter cannot reserve more than 2 places at the same time and in the same hydrographic basin. The crystal hunter must declare to the Scientific Committee of the Crystal Museum of Chamonix, in sealed envelope, a find which has a scientific interest. Thus scientists will be enabled to study precisely the deposits and minerals.

5. The minerals and crystals have a scientific value as long as the exact location of the find is known.

The person giving or selling minerals must indicate spontaneously the location where the find was achieved.

- the pieces which have been repaired must be mentioned as such.

- selling modified pieces (assembly, finishing, …) is forbidden.

- in case of a major or specific discovery, (mineralogical association, seldom seen minerals), the crystal hunter must present these pieces to the committee of the Crystal Museum of Chamonix, so that the recollection of the minerals be improved (from a scientific point of view). If these pieces were to be sold, they will be presented and offered to the committee of the Crystal Museum of Chamonix, so that this committee may decide to acquire one or several pieces to enhance the collection of local minerals.

6. It is advisable that the crystal hunter and collector belong to a mineralogical association, to improve their knowledge and their appreciation of their finds.

It is advisable that the crystal hunter or collector show from time to time all or part of their collection in the frame of exhibitions, or cultural meetings.

7. Any crystal hunter or collector commits himself to respect all the conditions mentioned in this code of honor. The Mayor of Chamonix can at any time have controls achieved on the search spots.

8. At the end of the season, and before December 15th, all approved crystal hunters must send a letter to the Mayor of Chamonix Mont-Blanc, with a list and short description of their findings.

Address : Monsieur le Maire de Chamonix
Hôtel de ville
74402 Chamonix-Mont-Blanc CEDEX

9. In case of infraction to this code, and if the article 8 has not been respected, the crystal hunter will lose immediately his approval to search and collect minerals in the territory of the township of Chamonix Mont-Blanc.

This approval will not be renewed for the following years.

The Mineralogical Society of Chamonix , the Mont Blanc and the Northern Alps can assign you before courts, in case of non-respect of this code.

I the undersigned ……………………………………………………………………………

commits myself to respecting all the provisions mentioned in this code of honor.

Chamonix, on …………………………………………….








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